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– My heart bits for you, you are my life. I love you, my love.

– Love is like sea which have no level, when you dive in love you can not found level

– Love is source which is connected person each other

– Without love person, like animal in this world

– Love is a life , love is sources of happiness

– Love is like sun, who give energy every one

– If you found a love, every person is your

– Love is a weapon which you can win enemy

– Love start form your heart, and end other heart

– Love is a network which connected every person heart

– Love have a binging point, but not ending point

– You love each person you found every person is your

– Love is a God and love is Universe

– Who person not feel a love, that person like a dead

– If you want anything , just love it

– Hug me touch me, I live u r heart and feel me

– I did not live earth I live your heart feel me if u can.

– Every day , every hour, every minute and every second I live u..

“I love u not you beautiful
I love u not you good
I love you not you care me
But realty is dat I love you
Because you are my heart. ”

“Today I pray of god stop theire activity,
Stop earth round the sun,
Stop Time, stop every person
Because I saying something my sweet heart, I love You”

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